OUJI-CR 10-1


Since all the evidence in this case has been given to you, it is now my duty, under the law, to give you the instructions that apply in this trial. The instructions contain all rules of the law that are to be applied by you in this case, and all the rules of law by which you are to weigh the evidence and determine the facts in issue in deciding this case and in reaching a verdict. You must consider the instructions as a whole and not as a part to the exclusion of the rest. All the testimony and evidence which it is proper for you to consider has been introduced in this case. You should not consider any matter of fact or of law except what has been given to you while this court is or has been in session.

Notes on Use

OUJI-CR 10-1 through OUJI-CR 10-10 must be given in every trial, except that OUJI-CR 10-8A should be given only if the court has permitted the jurors to take notes during the trial.

(2000 Supp.)