OUJI-CR 12-3


You have the power to inquire into all public offenses committed against the State that are triable in [Name of County] County, and to present them to the Court by Indictment or Accusation in writing. However, neither the convening nor the continuation of a grand jury dispenses with the right of the attorney(s) for the State to file Complaints and Informations, conduct preliminary hearings or other routine matters, unless otherwise specifically ordered by the Court convening the grand Jury.

You may, if you so desire, inspect any or all of the public institutions in [Name of County] County and make inquiry into their operation. You are entitled to examine, without charge, any of the public records in the County.

You are required to make a personal inspection of the condition of the County Jail, as to the sufficiency of the same for the safekeeping of prisoners, their convenient accommodation and health, and to inspect the rules and regulations of said Jail, and to make any recommendations that seem proper in your final report.

You are also required to make inquiry into the condition and management of the public prisons in the County, either by personal inspection or other means.

In addition, you are required to make inquiry into the case of every person imprisoned in the public jails within the County on a criminal charge who has not been indicted nor charged by complaint or information.


Statutory Authority: 22 O.S. 1991, §§ 331, 338.