OUJI-CR 12-5


An "indictment" is a document charging a person with an offense under the laws of the State, presented to a court by a grand jury. When a document charges grounds for the removal of a public official from office, it is termed an "accusation."

The presentment of an Indictment or Accusation is a serious matter and it should not be found unless all of the evidence before you, when taken together, would in your judgment, if unexplained or uncontradicted, warrant a conviction by a trial jury.

An Indictment or Accusation cannot be found without agreement of at least nine (9) grand jurors. When so found, it must be endorsed "A True Bill," and signed by your foreperson.

The names of all the witnesses examined as to the facts in the particular Indictment or Accusation must appear on it.

An Indictment or Accusation, when found by the grand jury, must be presented to the Court by your foreperson in the presence of its members.


Statutory Authority: Okla. Const. Art. 2, § 18.