OUJI-CR 13-3


This jury trial is a special proceeding in which a child/juvenile, that is a person under the age of eighteen (18), is charged with committing a criminal offense. All cases of children/juveniles shall be heard separately from the trial of cases against adults, and these cases are subject to special rules of law. A six-person jury will be selected to hear this case in which the State of Oklahoma has filed a Petition alleging that a child/juvenile under the age of eighteen (18) has committed a criminal offense. The sole purpose of this proceeding is the determination by the jury of the status of the child/juvenile with reference to the question of whether or not he/she is a delinquent child. The jury shall determine this one question on the basis of whether or not the State proves to your satisfaction beyond a reasonable doubt each element of the criminal offense with which the child/juvenile is charged.