OUJI-CR 13-5


Both the State of Oklahoma and the [Name of Child] are entitled to jurors who approach this case with open minds and agree to keep their minds open until a verdict is reached. Jurors must be as free as humanly possible from bias, prejudice, or sympathy. Jurors must not be influenced by preconceived ideas as to the facts or as to the law. You are undoubtedly qualified to serve as a juror but you may not be qualified to serve as a juror in this particular case. Hence, the law permits unlimited challenges for cause. Moreover, the law grants both the State and [Name of Child] three (3) peremptory challenges. A peremptory challenge permits either the State or [Name of Child] to excuse a prospective juror for any reason allowed by law. If you are excused from being a juror in this particular case, it is no reflection on you. You well may be chosen to serve as a juror in another case.