OUJI-CR 2-11


No person may be convicted of an attempt to commit the crime of [Underlying Felony] unless the State has proved beyond a reasonable doubt each element of the attempt. These elements are:

First, the defendant(s) formed the specific intent to commit the crime of [Underlying Felony];

Second, the defendant(s)

Note -- Give One or More of the Following Alternatives:

- Performed a perpetrating act or acts toward committing the crime of [Underlying Felony] but (such act(s) failed to constitute the commission of)/(defendant(s) was/were prevented from committing)/(defendant(s) was/were intercepted in the perpetration of) that crime.

- Purposely engaged in conduct which would have constituted the crime if the attendant circumstances were as the defendant(s) believed them to be.

- When causing a particular result in an element of the crime, did anything with the purpose of causing or with the belief that it would cause such result, without further conduct on the part of the defendant(s).

(2000 Supp.)