OUJI-CR 5-33


A person has been threatened when that person has been put in fear of:

[unlawful injury to his/her person/property]

[unlawful personal injury to his/her relatives/(family members)]

[unlawful injury to the property of a relative/(family member)]

[accusation of a crime against him/her]

[accusation of a crime against his/her relatives/(family members)]

[exposure of his/her deformity/disgrace]

[imputation of a (deformity in)/(disgrace to) him/her]

[exposure of a relative's/(family member's) deformity/ disgrace]

[imputation of a deformity/disgrace to a relative/(family member)]

[exposure of his/her secret]

[exposure of a relative's/(family member's) secret].


Statutory Authority: 21 O.S. 1991, § 1482.