Bliss, Charles F.

District: 1
Hometown: Tahlequah, Oklahoma; Cherokee County
Birthplace: Muskogee, Oklahoma
Spouse: Ethel Williams Bliss
Children: Charles J. Bliss; Dr. Brice Bliss; William H. Bliss; Susan Bliss

In 1912 Charles F. Bliss, Jr. ‘s parents established their home in Tahlequah where his father practiced law and where Bliss attended grade school and completed high school. Bliss then attended Northeastern Oklahoma State University. He also attended the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.

Bliss was admitted to the State Bar in January, 1934, and practiced law with his father at Tahlequah until his election as county attorney of Cherokee County, which office he held from 1937 through 1940. He then engaged in the general practice of law an served as city attorney for many years, interrupted by service in the United States Navy during World War II. In January, 1958, he became District Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial District (Muskogee, Wagoner, Cherokee, Adair and Sequoyah counties) and held that office continuously until his appointment to the Court of Criminal Appeals.

Charles F. Bliss, Jr. was appointed Judge of the Court Of Criminal Appeals on November 27, 1972, by Governor David Hall. At the 1974 general election he was retained in office for a new six- year term beginning January, 1975.