Bussey, Hez J.

District: 2
Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma; Oklahoma County
Birthplace: Smackover, Arkansas
Spouse: Mary Ruth Bussey

Hez J. Bussey attended schools in several Oklahoma communities before his graduation from Quapaw High School in 1940. He attended the University of Oklahoma from 1940 until 1941 when he enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving as a sergeant with the 31st Infantry under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur until the fall of Bataan. Surviving his death march, Bussey remained a prisoner of the Japanese for three and a half years. He received numerous decorations for military service, including the Oklahoma Medal of Valor, the Philippine Defense Medal, and twice winning the Purple Heart. He also held the award as the outstanding veteran bestowed by the Blinded Veterans Association.

Bussey re-enrolled at the University of Oklahoma in 1946, serving as president of the senior law class and dean of his legal fraterni ty. He received his law degree in January, 1950. He served four terms as Cleveland County attorney prior to his election to the state judicial office. During this time, he served as president of the County Attorneys Association.

Judge Bussey was elected to the Court of Criminal Appeals in 1960 and was retained for the fourth time in 1984. He retired from the court in 1989.