Johnson, Joe E.

District: 4
Hometown: Stillwater, Oklahoma; Payne County
Birthplace: McAlester, Oklahoma
Spouse: Dorothy Johnson
Children: Floyd Taylor, and Toni Taylor

Joe Johnson was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. After graduating from Oklahoma Military Academy, Oklahoma University, and Oklahoma University Law School, he moved to Stillwater. In 1952, Johnson served as county judge in Payne County. He then served as assistant county attorney from 1953 to 1955. In 1955, he served one term as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He was assistant commissioner of the state insurance fund in 1962.

Johnson was appointed to the Court of Criminal Appeals in 1963 by Governor George Nigh. He ran for election to the court in 1964 but was defeated by Tom Brett. Johnson served as President of the State Junior Chamber of Commerce. He was also a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association, Veterans of Foreign War, Beta Beta Phi, Lions Club, and the Coventry Presbyterian Church.