Rule 1.11 Application in Forma Pauperis

Any person who asserts indigency and an inability to pay the filing fees required under these Rules must execute and file with the Clerk of this Court an "Affidavit in Forma Pauperis," verified before a notary public or other person authorized to administer oaths,or as specified in Rule 1.13(L). Any false statement of a material fact therein may serve as the basis for prosecution for perjury. PROVIDED HOWEVER, a certified copy of Form 13.4 of these Rules determining indigency for the filing being submitted may be substituted. See Form 13.2.

A pleading shall not be considered filed in this Court until such time as the filing fee is paid or an "Affidavit in Forma Pauperis" is properly filed. This Rule shall not apply to filings of writs of habeas corpus. See 12 O.S.2001 § 1355