Rule 10.5 Perfecting a Petition for Extraordinary Writ.

A petition for an extraordinary writ shall not be perfected until the following documents are filed:

(1) A petition, original and seven (7) copies, shall include the case number, the subject matter of the District Court proceedings, and state the nature of the relief sought. The moving party shall be designated as petitioner and the responding party as respondent.

(2) An original and seven (7) copies of a brief which sets forth arguments and authorities supporting the assertions in the petition.

(3) A certified copy of the District Court order shall be attached to the petition.

(4) When a petitioner seeks to interrupt a District Court proceeding, the petitioner shall state the date the ruling or order was entered, from which the relief is being sought, and the date of the next scheduled hearing.

(5) There shall also be filed a certified copy of the original record and either the original or certified copy of the transcript, where appropriate.