Rule 11.3 Application for Accelerated Docket in Cases Not Included Above

A. An appellant may apply to be placed on the Accelerated Docket, at any time by completing and filing the prescribed Application and Waiver set out in Rule 11.5 . See Section XIII, Forms 13.13, 13.14.

B. When a criminal defendant applies for the Accelerated Docket the application must be accompanied by a verified Consent to Placement on the Accelerated Docket. See Section XIII, Form 13.13.

C. Either upon the filing of an objection to placement of the cause on the Accelerated Docket by the adverse party within ten (10) days of the filing of the application, or upon this Court’s own motion, this Court will determine whether placement on the Accelerated Docket will best serve the interests of justice.

D. Cases assigned to the Accelerated Docket under this Section will be limited to three (3) propositions of error. Subpropositions will be counted.