Rule 12.2 Activation and Appointment of Division Panels

A. Emergency Appellate Panels of the Emergency Appellate Division shall be activated pursuant to the provisions of Section 60.1 et seq. of Title 20, when an emergency is declared to exist. From the list of judges appointed to the Emergency Appellate Division by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Presiding Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals shall appoint three (3) judges to each Panel and shall appoint a Panel Presiding Judge.

B. After activation and appointment, each panel shall serve during the pendency of the emergency, or until the next July 1, or until disposition of cases assigned.

C. The Presiding Judge of this Court shall determine the number of Emergency Appellate Panels necessary and shall retain the authority and discretion to replace panel judges or reorganize panels as necessary.

D. Each panel of the Emergency Appellate Division shall conduct the business and practice before it in accordance with these Rules and the Rules of the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, Ch. 18, App. of Title 22.

E. The Presiding Judge of each panel shall determine where the panel shall sit and how the panel shall conduct the business and practice before it within the administrative limitations set forth by the Court of Criminal Appeals.