Rule 3.14 Rehearing; Requisites of Petition

A. A petition for rehearing, unless otherwise ordered by this Court, shall be made by the attorney of record, and filed with the Clerk within twenty (20) days from the date on which the opinion in the cause was filed.

B. A petition for rehearing shall not be filed, as a matter of course, but only for the following reasons:

(1) Some question decisive of the case and duly submitted by the attorney of record has been overlooked by the Court, or

(2) The decision is in conflict with an express statute or controlling decision to which the attention of this Court was not called either in the brief or in oral argument.

C. Such petition shall briefly state the grounds upon which the attorney of record relies for a rehearing. The overlooked question, statute or decision must be specifically set forth in the petition. If the application is granted, the cause shall be assigned for rehearing. Additional time may be granted for argument or briefing.

D. If a petition for rehearing is not filed within twenty (20) days, the decision shall be final.

E. A petition for rehearing may be filed only in regular appeals, as defined by Rule 1.2.