Rule 8.7 Court Reporter; Judicial Order Reduced to Writing and Filed of Record; Contents of Order

A court reporter shall be present and report all such judicial hearings required by this Section, PROVIDED HOWEVER, a court reporter is not required to be present if the proceedings were preserved in accordance with Section 106.4(a) of Title 20 . Any order of the court, whether there be a court reporter in attendance or not, shall be reduced to writing and filed of record in the case. The order shall set forth the findings of the court regarding the defendant's ability or inability to pay the fine and/or costs, the refusal or neglect to do so, if that be the case, the amount of the installments and due dates, if so ordered, and all other findings of facts and conclusions of law necessary to support the order of the court. Any order directing incarceration for failure to pay fine and/or costs shall provide for immediate release upon full payment of the amount ordered or in lieu thereof set a daily rate to be credited to the satisfaction of the amount of fine and/or costs due which will allow the custodian of the prisoner to compute the amount of time to be served to satisfy the total amount due. See Section 101 of Title 28 and Section 15 of Title 57.